Friday, May 13, 2011

Crazy Sushi

Crazy Sushi is a sushi restaurant in Sherwood, Oregon. They have various types of appetizers and a large selection of "Americanized" sushi choices. When I say "Americanized," I refer to those flashy looking rolls with all these different proteins and sauces (as opposed to a more Japanese, simple traditional look).

I went here once with a friend last July, since she knows I am into spicy food. Two in particular caught my eye that day. Behold:

Heartattack Roll (yes, it's deep fried sushi!)
Scallop Volcano Roll
The Heartattack Roll has jalapenos, cream cheese, shrimp, spicy tuna, and house special sauce. The Scallop Volcano Roll is basically a California Roll with scallops and a red special sauce on top. Personally, I thought both were mild in terms of spice. I prefer to stay away from deep-fried food nowadays, so it is unlikely that I'll order the Heartattack again. The Scallop Volcano...I'll consider it.

There are so many more choices, it would take me at least 20-25 trips just to get through the entire menu (I eat a bunch, but there's still only one of me). I would recommend this place to any sushi lover.

Overall, I did have a pleasant experience at Crazy Sushi, and I give it a solid thumbs up. 7.5/10

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