Friday, May 13, 2011

Taqueria La Cumbre

Taqueria La Cumbre, located in San Francisco, CA, is home of the Mission-style super burrito. Although it was late in the day (and my relatives were tired and full from all the driving and eating), I persuaded them to let me stop at La Cumbre to try their burrito.

When I went inside, I immediately saw how fresh the protein options would be on my burrito. La Cumbre uses a line system similar to what you'd find at a Subway. Basically, at the beginning of the counter, a cook was cooking beef and chicken, with the cooked products chopped up and placed in their respective containers. In order to not miss the flavors in my protein choice, I opted for a simple burrito: chicken with hot pico de gallo. The burrito came with a complementary side of chips.

Nice tight wrapping here, just as shown on Man v. Food!
Simple chicken and hot pico de gallo in my burrito
(Don't mind the Jamba Juice...I needed something to drink!)
The chicken was delicious, and the pico de gallo was also filled with nice authentic flavors. Unfortunately, the chips were rather stale and therefore unappetizing. While it may be unfair to bash La Cumbre over stale chips, I should also add that the place was nothing special, a simple dive to get some food. The service was average.  If anything, my wanting to go to La Cumbre was due to the place's historical significance and due to it being on Man v. Food. Overall, this place failed to impress me, and I am unlikely to return. 3/10

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