Friday, May 13, 2011

Buffalo Wild Wings

Are you in the mood for some sports, beer, and wings? Then Buffalo Wild Wings could be your one-stop shop for a great time. I went to BWW for their "Blazin' Challenge."

The rules are simple: eat 12 traditional Blazin' wings in six minutes or less. No consuming liquids during the challenge. If you complete the challenge, your picture goes on their wall.

First, you sign a waiver. While the waiver states you need a witness, the BWW server can be your witness and time you if you come to the place solo.

Then, the wings arrived. My server did allow me to wait a bit for the wings to cool (they had just come fresh from the fryer and coated with the Blazin' sauce). While the wings had a bunch of Blazin' sauce on them, it was not completely saturated like some other wings I've had at bars in the past. I knew from the start that this was totally doable.

Three minutes and 45 seconds later, I completed the problems at all. Messy? Check. Happy panda? Check. The server was a very attractive woman who complemented me on a job well done. Gotta love it.

Aside from the Blazin' sauce, I am a fan of BWW's Parmesan Garlic sauce, Hot BBQ sauce, Mango Habanero sauce, and Caribbean Jerk sauce.

That's basically where the positives end. Although there are many more items on their menu, I am not really in any rush to return. The challenge was what prompted me to go to BWW, and there's not much else that I'd prefer to sample there. It's just my personal preference here, folks. The experience was a good one, and BWW has great sauces, but it doesn't make me want to go out of my way for much more than wings. 4/10

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