Monday, May 16, 2011

Straight From New York Pizza

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Straight From New York Pizza features -- you guessed it, large New York-style pizza! I thought the the signs and exterior resembled a pizza place I'd find in New York. Then, after I walked inside, I felt like I stepped into a New York pizza joint...I really did. Nice start there, folks.

I went to the one on Liberty Street in downtown Salem, Oregon. As you will see, their slices are very big:

In order to get the most out of the usual, traditional flavors, I went with the plain cheese pizza. No frills or anything, just a simple piece of pie.

For me, this slice is a meal by itself. While there's not many things more comforting (food-wise) than eating cold pizza in the morning, there is also something about eating a slice of pizza that comes straight from the oven. The gooey cheese, the warm sauce, the awesome crust. Whomever invented pizza has to be one of the many all-time-great food legends.

The pizza slice I had was good, just not great. I wanted to fold it and eat it New York style, which I managed to do. However, the crust is still just a bit big for my liking. It is not as appetizing when the pizza cools down, and it's not necessarily my cup of tea even when the slice is piping hot. The flavor is in the sauce, cheese, and any toppings you put on the pizza.

Unfortunately, I could also tell the pizza had been sitting out in the display area for quite some time. The cheese had hardened, so it was no longer gooey awesomeness. Cold pizza = leftovers only, not when I want something hot and fresh.

The sauce is good, but not breathtaking. The cooks put the proper amount of sauce on the pie. The amount of cheese is about right for me.

If the pizza is made fresh, my review would have been more favorable, with a higher rating. I cannot rate this higher than Papa John's because customers at Papa John's are more likely to get fresh, hot pizza than from Straight From New York Pizza. In my book, cold pizza can be good comfort food, but only when it's leftover pizza.

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