Friday, May 13, 2011

Mac 24/7

Mac 24/7, located in Waikiki, is probably best known for their "Mac Daddy Challenge." As of early May 2011, over a thousand people have attempted it, and just 34 people have finished. Basically, it's like Stepping Stone Cafe's mancake challenge -- but you have toppings and 90 minutes to finish (Stepping Stone, on the other hand, has no time limit and the option of no toppings).

My friend Ryan and I hit this place up after a WWE live event in August 2010. I got a simple fruit parfait. I thought it was delicious...the tropical fruits complemented the yogurt very nicely, and the granola offered a welcome contrast in texture.

Ryan ordered the Mac Daddy pancakes. Let's just say he was in for a very long night. To his defense, for him, it was not really about finishing the challenge, but more about having good pancakes.

Although I tried to help him out a little (since I'm such a nice guy), we didn't even finish one. Perhaps if we were both up for the challenge, we could have made more progress, but hey, it was 11:30 at night.

And yes, the last photo says it all. The syrup is in that small container, and the pancakes were put in a CAKE BOX. How lovely.

I had a very nice experience here. Since I'm from Hawaii, it will not be very difficult to head back to Mac 24/7 in the future. While I may try their pancakes again, I'm not doing the challenge (there's no way I can consume and keep down over four pounds of pancakes). Instead, I will want to try some of their other food options. Being open 24 hours, Mac 24/7 offers some great food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 7.5/10

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