Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ribslayer To Go (Part 3)

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After learning Ribslayer To Go would be featuring a "Porketta" special, I ventured to the McMinnville Farmer's Market to check it out.

I arrived at about 3:15 in the afternoon, and the Farmer's Market had been going for almost two hours at that point.

Craig's original (smaller) smoker. Awesome!
Co-owner Craig told me I was in the nick of time; the porketta had been selling like hotcakes and he was down to maybe a couple of portions left (started with maybe 20 portions). Craig also mentioned that it was the fastest that they had sold out of the special. I love it when word of mouth does its thing!

Anyway, I couldn't pass up the porketta!

Porketta with jalapeno slaw
Porketta with jalapeno slaw (a closer look because it's that awesome)
First of all, for $10, I absolutely love the portion size. More importantly, the porketta was awesome. The pork had a bit of moisture to it, and the seven-herb gremolata really gave this pig some major flavor. The figs stuffed inside the porketta were tender and sweet, giving this dish a very good balance overall.

Craig mentioned that I should also consider eating the porketta with mustard. Excellent call. The tang from the mustard gives another dimension of flavor to the porketta. I think pork and mustard are a classic combination anyway. And then you add all those herbs in the gremolata and some sweet figs? Yes, please!

I also had some of the pork with the BBQ sauce. Yeah, you can't go wrong there, either. I wanted to dance in the street, but I settled for dancing in my apartment.

The jalapeno slaw was on the money. The jalapeno flavor is pronounced and makes it different from your traditional cole slaw -- and the slaw won't burn your mouth! A wonderful side dish for the people that don't like spicy food. Because I'm such a spicehead, I wish I got some Flaming MOFO sauce with that, though....

Finally, some amazing news for Ribslayer To Go fans!

I've been a very satisfied customer three times in a row, having four completely different wonderful meals in the process.

(1) Flaming MOFO with chips, traditional cole slaw, and pickle spear
(2) Burnt end sandwich w/Thai peanut slaw (and a little jalapeno slaw and MOFO sauce)
(3) Chicken & ribs w/collard greens (took it home and ate it)
(4) Porketta w/jalapeno slaw (took it home and ate it)

The service has always been amazing. I feel privileged to have gotten to know Craig, Theresa, and their awesome staff over the last several weeks.

Ribslayer is a place I will venture to as often as possible. I've driven the 30-35 minutes to McMinnville (and even close to one hour from NE Portland) without hesitation just for the food.

Ribslayer, you've earned it. I've already told many friends about your fine establishment, and I hope you will continue to be around for years to come. Maybe you'll venture to Salem in the future? Congratulations again!

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