Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Beanery

(Second Review -- January 2012)
(Third Review -- March 2012)

The Beanery, in downtown Salem on Liberty Street NE, is a small local coffee shop. They serve all types of coffees, teas, muffins, scones, desserts, and even quiche. The Beanery even serves sandwiches, should you want more of a non-breakfast item. While I did not try any of their food, it all looks amazing. Looking at some of the offerings, I was very interested in their sugar-free peach pie.

The Beanery may even run specials where you can get a free small coffee if you purchase a piece of coffee cake. Great deal there, folks.

Specials advertised outside The Beanery on 5/17/11

Whenever I think of a coffee shop, I want to make sure the coffee is a good choice to get. None of this mocha, expresso, cappuccino, or other fancy cup of yummy goodness. The coffee has to fly with me as well. Thus, I asked for a decaf French Roast in a to-go cup. I drank it straight black, no cream, no sugar.

The coffee was fairly good, although I could tell it had been watered down just a bit too much for my liking (I do like strong coffee). Call my bizarre, but I added some cinnamon and nutmeg to my coffee (again, no sugar, cream, chocolate, or anything of that sort).

I liked the decor of The Beanery...check out just a little part of it:

The Beanery also has free Wi-Fi here, so it's an ideal place for people to do their work or chill out at any time of the day. As you can see, The Beanery also sells coffee beans, mugs, teas, etc.

Overall, an average experience at The Beanery, but nothing very breathtaking to make me really want to come back on a regular basis.

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