Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Boon's Treasury

Boon's Treasury is one of McMenamin's pubs in Salem, Oregon.

Part of their menu
Soup of the day on 5/30/11
After walking all over downtown Salem, I decided to stop by Boon's Treasury for a bite to eat. I got half a turkey sandwich (no secret sauce) with their soup of the day: African Chicken Peanut ($5.40).

The African Chicken Peanut soup was temperature-hot when it came to me, always nice to see. I thought it was very nice to have that tomato sauce base. There is chicken in there (it's just at the bottom of that small container). The red peppers in the soup also give a little sweet-pepper taste. I just fail to grasp the "peanut"
aspect of the dish. There were no peanuts in there, so I'm guessing there was a creamy peanut butter or something put in the soup -- which eventually melted and blended in with the rest of the ingredients.

The sandwich was good for what it was. It was a hundred times better than the sandwich I ate at Court Street Dairy Lunch. I made sure this turkey sandwich was toasted, and the bread held the insides of the sandwich in place. This was key, because the sandwich also had cranberry relish inside; I didn't want to make that bread soggy. The cranberry relish provided a nice sweetness to the sandwich, and it was more noticeable in this sandwich (in a good way) than at Court Street Dairy Lunch. I appreciated the fresh lettuce, tomato, and onion in there.

When you get soup and sandwich, dunk that sandwich in the soup and then eat the sandwich. Especially when you got a tomato-based soup in front of you.

My one criticism: I would want that Swiss cheese melted into the turkey for a hotter sandwich. Just putting a slice of cheese in there is a no-no for me.

I'm not one to go to pubs -- especially since I've cut down on my alcohol intake -- but Boon's Treasury does a pretty good job with their sandwich and their soup. I'd say it's worth it to check this place out for yourself. You may be likely to give this place a higher rating than what I'm giving it if you love your beer and your burgers/sandwiches. 5.25/10

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