Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Salem Farmer's Market Gyros

At the Salem Farmer's Market, a gyro food stand serves, what else...gyros and Greek-inspired salads!

I think a lamb gyro with tzatziki sauce and hummus is as authentic as it can get for a gyro. They only had a lamb-beef hybrid and a grilled chicken option, so I went with a regular lamb-beef gyro, with tzatziki and hummus on the side.

The meat was nicely cooked, but could have used more flavor. The pita was soft and pliable. The tzatziki and hummus brought the gyro full-circle. I really felt like I was eating an upgraded, Greek version of a chalupa. The veggies inside (lettuce, tomato, onions) were fresh. The Feta cheese provided the saltiness the gyro desperately needed (due to the meat's lack of flavor).

I would have liked the meat to be a bit more flavorful, and perhaps the pita could have been toasted a little (or a little longer if mine had been toasted). Overall, I thought it was still a very good gyro, but at $7, I'm not sure if I would order it very frequently. I'd certainly want to try the chicken and even their vegetarian gyro. 6.25/10

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