Friday, May 13, 2011

Christo's Pizzeria

Christo's Pizzeria is, you guessed it, a pizza place. Located in Salem, Oregon, they have calzones and several varieties of pizzas (about 19-20). You can even get a pizza with whatever toppings you want. Two of my personal favorites are the Margherita pizza and Christo's Combo.

While the Margherita is your traditional basil, mozzarella, and tomato, Christo's Combo is basically "the works," featuring toppings such as salami and artichoke hearts. I thought the crust was quite good. It may get mixed or negative reviews from people who prefer a thinner, more New York-style feel, but to each his own.

Christo's Combo
The pizzas here are full of flavor, and I just love the way the pizza is prepared. Fresh toppings, nice crust, proper amounts of toppings, sauce, and cheese. A couple of my friends took me to this place a couple of years ago, and I loved the pizza so much, I brought my family here when they came to Oregon for my law school graduation.

I did not care too much for their salad or breadsticks. They weren't horrible, but they were not breathtaking, either. Reading some other reviews, Christo's does have at least a little (negative) reputation for bad service. I must say, when I took my family here, they screwed up our order too, but in a good way, of sorts. We had ordered a small pizza but gave us a large for the price of the small. Can't complain there.

Overall, it gets an above-average rating from me. I would still consider going back to this place, mainly because I want to try some of their other pizzas. 6.5/10

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