Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oregon Crepe Company

(A much better experience shared in part 2 -- April 2012)

The Oregon Crepe Company is located in Silverton, Oregon. But today (5/18/11), I had a chance to sample a sweet crepe from the Oregon Crepe Company at the Salem Wednesday Farmer's Market.

The two people manning the booth were very nice. There were quite a few selections to choose from, but I opted for one of their specials, a simple sweet crepe with strawberries and whip cream.

The workers admitted that the crepes they used on this dish had been pre-made (in other words, just sitting out for a while) because they felt a fresh, hot crepe would melt the whip cream and not make it as good-looking. Point well taken, but the problem is the crepe becomes a little harder to work with.

I was served a nice-sized portion, a couple of crepes in there. While it was OK, it did not blow me away at all. While I liked that each crepe was filled with fresh strawberries and whip cream, it needed something more to really bring it over the top. Perhaps I should have put some maple syrup or chocolate sauce on there, or perhaps a berry jam.

Good attempt, but I'll probably wait until I am craving a crepe to eat this again.

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  1. Aaron,

    Thanks for the review our of cart. Honest feedback is incredibly valuable to new carts like ours.

    Our seasonal fresh fruit w/ whipped cream crepe is, as you observed, purposefully simple. It is one of our most popular sweet crepes. Our sweet crepe menu ranges from straightforward fruit and whipped cream to complex: Local Pear & Brie w/Raspberry jam & walnuts; Marionberry Cheesecake with Grand Marnier.

    Our savory crepes, made with a buckwheat batter range from traditional ham and local cheese to Chicken Caprese with local fresh mozzarella.

    We've also added gluten free crepes to the menu.

    We hope you'll stop by and try some something a little more challenging in your next visit.