Sunday, May 15, 2011

Walery's Premium Pizza

Walery's Premium Pizza (Salem, OR) is a local pizza place located on Edgewater Street. According to their website, Walery takes up to three days to prepare their pizza dough. Walery's also uses fresh ingredients and an old-fashioned oven to give the customer a nice pizza experience.

Last night, I went to a company party. The general manager of the club ordered a lot of Walery's pizza. A lot.

I was told that Walery's had either screwed up the order or had completely forgotten about it, so the pizza arrived at the party a bit later than expected. We had one of the staff members pick it up, so at least we would be getting our pizzas fresh. We had Hawaiian pizza (using Canadian bacon and pineapple) and some pepperoni pizza (not pictured). I'm not sure if the manager got any others.

Just looking at the pizza, it just does not look very appetizing to me. I will admit that I like the crust. Even after the pizza sits out in the cold for quite some time, the crunch still remains. And come on, who doesn't like cold pizza? That's classic comfort food right there!

The pepperoni pizza was something I had to try while it was fresh. I was immediately turned off by the amount of grease the pepperoni created. The pepperoni slices were small and curled up when the pizza baked, which let the grease collect on the pepperoni. While I managed to dab away a bit of the grease, I cringed that I would still be ingesting that saturated fat. Yes, the pizza was OK, but I'd prefer something leaner.

Speaking of which, the Hawaiian pizza was next. No grease to speak of on this one. The classic combination of pineapple, Canadian bacon, and pizza sauce was great. The tang and sweetness you get from the pineapple complements the saltiness of the Canadian bacon. So what if they didn't use ham? Canadian bacon is just as good, if not better, in my book.

Overall, Walery's Pizza is just an average pizza place at best. The look of the pizza reminds me a bit of Little Caesar's -- and that's not a good thing. The pizza looks almost like it could come from a supermarket (after it's out of the wrapping and baked). The pizza is just very small and very flat-looking. I could make something like that if I wanted to. The small pepperoni slices and the grease on the pepperoni just did not sit well with me. The one positive is their crust, but all that does is save this place from getting the worst rating. Premium pizza, eh? Not to me. 2.25/10

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