Friday, May 13, 2011

San Francisco Creamery

The San Francisco Creamery in Walnut Creek, CA, is known for their ice cream -- especially their "Kitchen Sink" challenge. But they serve more than just delectable desserts; the Creamery also has various appetizers and entrees for your eating pleasure. Adam Richman went here and completed the Kitchen Sink Challenge, filling a kitchen sink with two gallons of ice cream plus toppings. The record? Some guy did it in 7 minutes, 45 seconds. Now that is crazy.

My cousin and I went to the Creamery in the afternoon, and while I was not in the mood for the Kitchen Sink challenge, we saw a family there ordering that very item to split amongst the five of them.

As for me? I ordered a flavor consistent with the Christmas holidays: Peppermint crunch ice cream and some strawberry toppings. And yes, the picture below is ONE scoop.

Personally, I chose it because it was Christmas time and also because I'm a curious person who likes trying unique flavors. Unfortunately (and probably predictably), this particular ice cream didn't really work for me. The peppermint flavor (and real peppermint candies in the ice cream) totally overpowered anything else in the dessert. It took a lot just to finish that serving.

Because I chose peppermint crunch, I'm not totally holding the negative review of the ice cream against them. However, if I were the Creamery, I would think twice before offering such a flavor again. I may think of going back, not for the Kitchen Sink, but to try another, more traditional flavor.

Overall, I'm still giving it a pretty favorable rating. I liked the decor/ambiance of the Creamery; it had a feel of an old-time ice cream parlor. The wait wasn't too bad (and my cousin had also gotten a French dip sandwich, so the wait was justified). The portions? Obviously massive, which I like. 6/10

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