Saturday, May 14, 2011

Serendipity Ice Cream

Serendipity Ice Cream (McMinnville, OR) is known for their numerous decadent ice cream flavors, cookies, and brownies. Everything is freshly made each day for customers to enjoy. Serendipity rotates ice cream flavors each day, and with at least eight different toppings, several types of containers (small to large cups, even cones and sundae options), one can have hundreds and thousands of different combinations here.

I took one of my friends to share in this cool, creamy adventure. While my friend got his favorite (Cookies 'n Cream), I wanted to try a couple of flavors that intrigued me: Sweet Black Cherry and Caramel Praline (both with no added sugar in them).

Cookies 'n Cream

Sweet Black Cherry (bottom scoop) and Caramel Praline
Both have no added sugar (using sucralose instead)
The ice cream was very good...nice and creamy, but not very heavy. I liked that there were actual black cherries in the Sweet Black Cherry ice cream itself for a different texture. I thought the Caramel Praline was also a big hit. The praline and the sweetness of the caramel worked nicely together. It was not overly sweet and I could enjoy it. While my two choices were probably quite the abnormal combination, I didn't mind mixing those two flavors at all. For me, the whole point was to sample a couple of interesting flavors and see what Serendipity has to offer.

One staff member asked why I was taking so many pictures of the food. When I mentioned it was for my food blog, she took some time to mention how they are a nonprofit organization; all monies they get go to charity. It was nice of the staff to go out of their way to tell me more about their business. They came across as loving, heartwarming people that added to my first experience there.

And let's not forget their awesome cookies and brownies. They looked so good, but I was so full from lunch and the ice cream, I had to pass on it for now. But I did take photos, of course:

I also liked Serendipity's decor. It's a small place, and the wooden tables, the lighting, and the colors worked for me. It's almost like ice cream parlor met part of your grandmother's home -- and I mean that in a good way. I thought it was an inviting place to be.

I'll be honest: I am not a huge ice cream, cookie, and brownie fan in the grand scheme of things, but it was still worth the trip to go to Serendipity. Look at it this way: if I could happily eat two scoops of their ice cream (having never seen or heard of this place before) AFTER consuming about four pounds' worth of food elsewhere, you know this place is good. Definitely worth a trip back, and maybe I'll sample a cookie or brownie next time. 7/10

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