Friday, May 13, 2011


(Please read part 2 as well, posted March 2012)

Momiji is a Japanese restaurant in Salem, Oregon. They promote a $1 Sushi Night on Sundays, so it's a pretty nice place to go if you crave sushi at affordable prices.

I've been here a few times and have been pretty satisfied with my experience. The ambiance is great; when you walk into the restaurant, you can see the sushi chefs hard at work preparing the sushi for the eager, hungry customer. They lay out the fresh seafood options in a glass case at the bar area, so you can ask the chef what a certain ingredient is, or even ask him for recommendations.

Even when sitting down at a regular table in the back, the lighting is just right to complement the decor. It is simple, yet inviting to the customer.

The miso soup here is quite tasty. I've had various sushi rolls, but of course, I always rely on my spicy tuna roll as my all-time favorite. Momiji's version of spicy tuna is decent...not spicy, in my view.

While the spicy tuna is on the left-hand side of the picture, don't be too appalled by my sushi choice on the right. Sure, it looks like crap (literally), but it's uni (sea urchin). What does uni taste like? Basically, next to nothing. It has a predictably slimy texture, with a little bit of fishy aftertaste. Adding soy sauce and wasabi will add what I believe is much-needed flavor to this delicacy. Hey remember, I'm an adventurous eater, too.

This is not my first choice for sushi, but it's still an acceptable option if you really want some Japanese food.

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