Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Church St. Pizza

(NOTE: This review was done before Demitri Georgedes took over Church St. Pizza operations.)

(Second Review -- January 2012 -- Demitri becomes new owner)
(Third Review -- February 2012)
(Fourth Review -- March 2012)

Church St. Pizza is a small pizza place in Salem, Oregon. It is basically at the old Christo's location on Church Street.

They have several options on their menu, and six of them were on display, ready to go. I opted for the Margherita Pizza.

Wait a's about noon, and NO ONE else is in here?
Not good, buddy. Not good.

The first thing I saw on the pizza: only one small tomato slice and slivers of basil. Where's the rest of the toppings, dude? The next thing I noticed: the cook took the slice and put it back in the oven to warm up. While I appreciate him warming the pizza up, having pizzas sit out on the counter over time will harden the cheese and make the pizza less appetizing. Nice try buddy, but warming up the pizza will not help you too much with the rating here.

At least when I bit into the warm pizza, I liked that the crust had a bit of crunch to it. The sauce was decent as well, just your standard pizza sauce here. If you are one for thin pizza with a pretty big crust, this could be the pizza you enjoy.

However, for me, this just did not cut it. I could grab a frozen pizza from the store, toss it in the oven, take it out, slice it up, and enjoy that pizza more than Church St. Pizza. Oh, and where were the customers at lunchtime? It was about noon when I stepped into Church St. Pizza, and there were no other customers in the restaurant. Yeah man, that's not good.

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