Monday, May 30, 2011

King Donuts

King Donuts is a coffee-and-donut shop. I went to the one at the corner of State Street and 17th Street in Salem, Oregon. It's mere yards from Word of Mouth Bistro (which I have already given stellar marks to).

Just a few of their donuts
I recently had a craving for donuts and headed to King Donuts in the morning, since I wanted to give the place every opportunity to deliver a fresh product to me. There were several choices here, and I had a hard time picking which one I wanted. In the end, I got a small decaf coffee with a raspberry-filled jelly donut.

Even when adding creamer, the coffee was not that great. And on top of all that, it was $1.35. Why do I keep buying coffee at places that don't serve Kona coffee anyway? Not one of the coffee joints here have given me a good cup yet. Serves me right for even buying the damn thing. It seriously makes me want to go to McDonald's just to buy a cup of their decaf coffee at this rate -- it's cheaper and probably just as good in taste (and if it was better, that would be even more pathetic).

However, I thought the raspberry-filled donut was at least worth the 85 cents. It had hardened bits of glaze on the outside for a little more sugar pick-me-up, but I liked the donut because it had a nice fluffiness to it and had a bunch of raspberry filling. The filling itself was actually "too smooth" and quite sweet for me. I do wish the filling was a bit chunkier and a little less sweet. Hey, I love chunky peanut putter over the smooth kind. The same goes for jelly/jams/preserves -- bring on the chunky preserves and jams! Would I order donuts from them again? I'd have to really be desperate to come back here.

It's all about the contrasting textures and taste, people! Dimensions of flavor and texture! I want party-in-my-mouth awesomeness!

King Donuts is OK donut-wise, but could easily be better. They are not on Voodoo Doughnuts' level, not by a long shot. No outside-the-box creations, not as huge a portion, and not as good a quality as Voodoo. One thing's for sure: I know I'm not getting any beverages from King Donuts again -- and yes, the coffee affected the rating. 3.75/10

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