Tuesday, May 24, 2011

YoChoice Frozen Yogurt

YoChoice Yogurt is a self-serve frozen yogurt establishment on NE Fremont St. in Portland, Oregon.

Simple, really. Get a cup, get as much frozen yogurt and toppings as you wish, and you pay 44 cents an ounce. I've seen cheaper rates at other self-serve yogurt places, as a note.

The flavors they had on May 24, 2011, were:

Very Strawberry and Original Tart frozen yogurt

Chocolate Classic and Luscious Lemon

Blueberry Burst and Alpine Vanilla
The owner said the most popular, in his opinion, is the alpine vanilla. Just in the interest of science, I got a sampling of all six flavors.

To the left of my sampling of frozen yogurt is a YoChoice Frozen Yogurt punch card. Buy 10 frozen yogurts there and get the next 5-oz. serving free. I love promotions like this to get customers to return.

As for the yogurt, it was pretty decent frozen yogurt, nothing special. I preferred the Blueberry Burst. It lived up to its name, a burst of blueberry flavor in my mouth. The bit of zing I got from the blueberries made me want more of it.

I also enjoyed the strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate yogurts for their honest, true flavors. Three traditional flavors should stay that way.

The Luscious Lemon and Original Tart also lived up to their names and I enjoyed those as well.

I thought the owner did a great job of pairing flavors up on each machine (pull the middle lever for a swirl of the two flavors in the machine). First, I liked the tart lemon flavors when combined with the richer-tasting chocolate yogurt. The chocolate can stand up to the lemon well. Next, the strawberry and the Original Tart frozen yogurt were a nice combination, the tang of the strawberry and the tang of the Original Tart did not clash, but instead worked with one another to create a scintillating party in my mouth. Finally, the Blueberry Burst and Alpine Vanilla is pretty much a classic combination -- any berry flavor with vanilla works here for me.

Again, the blueberry was my favorite, with probably the vanilla a close second. I definitely would get any of the six flavors, though.

Yes, YoChoice also gives people a choice of toppings, but I didn't get any.

I do prefer yogurt to have chunks of fruit or other items for texture contrast or to drive home what type of frozen yogurt it really is. It also had just six flavors, when I could find other (perhaps more unique) flavors elsewhere. While the yogurt is good, other than the promotional card, it doesn't scream at me to want to come back.

Overall, it was another fine self-serve frozen yogurt experience, but I do hesitate on going back. 4.5/10

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