Saturday, May 21, 2011

Smile BBQ

Smile BBQ is a Korean BBQ and sushi restaurant on Chemeketa St. NE in Salem, Oregon.

Smile BBQ has a good-sized menu, ranging from your traditional Korean Bulgogi to Japanese sushi:

I ordered their spicy chicken entree and a spicy tuna sushi roll. While I forgot to take pictures for this one, there is really not much to write home about here. The sushi was average...I've had better spicy tuna rolls elsewhere. Smile BBQ's spicy chicken was not as good as Fuji Rice Time's spicy chicken, but hey, at least the chicken was not the worst I've ever had.

I was also unimpressed with the decor of Smile BBQ. I just got a little bit of a claustrophobic feel after a few minutes inside. It felt a little cramped in there, frankly.

It is close by, so perhaps if I'm desperate, I'll check them out again. Otherwise, I'm probably not returning anytime soon. 2.75/10

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