Friday, May 13, 2011


(Second Review -- February 2013)

Jonathan's is a restaurant located in downtown Salem, on High Street. While they have "turf" food, such as chicken sandwiches and burgers, they are mainly focused on seafood appetizers and entrees. I went with a few co-workers last month to see what this place is all about.

(Picture added January 2013)
 The seared ahi sandwich.was prepared very well. Cooked on the outside, raw on the inside, just like I wanted it. I could taste the wasabi in the wasabi mayonnaise, but it was not overpowering. In order to stay healthy, I opted for a fresh salad instead of fries. A great meal here -- and pretty filling, too.

Then, we got to dessert:

Carrot cake
"Hula Pie"
Let the calories pile on! We decided on a carrot cake and "Hula Pie." Hula Pie basically has a crunchy pie crust-like bottom, macadamia nut ice cream on top of that, and finished off with a caramel sauce drizzle. Both desserts came with a proper amount (ratio-wise) of whip cream. The carrot cake was moist and flavorful. While the ice cream was rather hard to cut into and eat, I happily enjoyed my samples of both desserts.

The staff was friendly and I liked the restaurant's decor. It is a good place to consider taking your significant other for a nice dinner. While food choices on both the lunch and dinner menu get on the pricey side, that is understandable; seafood (like lobster, crab, and oysters) can be more expensive than beef or chicken. Overall, a very good experience, and I do recommend people try this place.

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