Monday, May 23, 2011

Governor's Cup

(NOTE: I ended up giving Governor's Cup a second shot in 2012. People like it, but I still just think it's OK at best. See part 2, posted January 2012)

Governor's Cup is a coffeehouse in downtown Salem, Oregon.

I went to Governor's Cup because, in a January 2010 blog post, listed Governor's Cup as one of their best places in Salem for coffee and pastries. I went inside to just get a cup of decaf, and here are some pictures:

Frankly, this place is nothing special, and in fact, felt worse than The Beanery. The place is dark and just has an "old" vibe to it. It certainly doesn't feel like "the place to be" at any time of the day for me. The coffee was quite horrible -- I drink it black not just to save calories, but to see what type of house coffee they use. Governor's Cup also does not have the pastry/side dish selection that The Beanery has. So what if they have a bunch of coffee drinks to choose from? Virtually every coffeehouse does that already.

The saving grace? The staff is friendly. Woohoo.

I'll put Governor's Cup out of its misery now. I'm not coming back to this place.

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