Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Gerry Frank's Konditorei is a local dive in Salem, Oregon, known for their decadent desserts (but yeah, they also serve regular food there too).

All their desserts looked awesome. Anyone on a diet will hate me for this, but here goes:

Anyway, I went with one of their lighter cake options: a slice of Marionberry cake -- a seasonal white-cake option Konditorei offers.

As expected, the cake was light, moist, and amazing. It's basically a white cake and vanilla buttercreme on there. Definitely satisfies the sweet tooth, that's for sure. I loved the contrasting color the Marionberry gives this cake. The layers are so pronounced and attractive to look at.

The problem lies with the price. $5.95 for a relatively narrow slice? You got to be kidding. So we got six layers on this sucker, but it's still a narrow piece. I'd love this place more if they either gave me a larger slice or lowered that price. It's the price alone that would make me stay away from Konditorei again. I'd rather look elsewhere next time for a cheaper dessert.

Don't get me wrong on my rating; the cake is great and I would definitely have some if someone else got the cake and offered me a slice. But remember, the rating is also meant to signify my likelihood of returning to get something else. The price is a HUGE (and perhaps only) reason I'm docking them big time.

I will say this: their lunch/dinner menu prices are pretty much in line with other places I've been to in Oregon. Unfortunately, there's not much that jumps out at me saying "Try me! Try me!" And why would I want a sandwich for dinner? I could do that at home. Or hell, I can go to Subway for a $5 foot-long sandwich and get more for my money there.

So yeah, could I return for something other than dessert? Sure, but I'll be struggling to figure out what to get. Did I have an awesome cake experience? I'll give them that, too. But do we have inflated prices on desserts to kill my gut and my wallet? I'm definitely giving them that as well. 5.75/10

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