Thursday, May 26, 2011

Killer Burger (Part 2)

(Original Review -- May 2011 Marine Burger)
(Part 3 -- December 2012 in Vancouver, WA)

This will just be a short entry on Killer Burger. I reviewed this establishment on 5/24/11 for the "Marine" burger. Pain.

First of all, I stand corrected from my previous entry. The "Marine" burger IS on their in-house board menu. But they clearly state, "Don't order this!" Yeah, nice warning.

I want to try this now
T-shirts, anyone?
Anyway, roughly 48 hours after getting nuked by their "Marine" burger, I ventured back to Killer Burger for one of their signature items, the Peanut Butter, Bacon, and Pickle burger (no mayo, house sauce on the side). While it sounds odd, it's gotten a lot of positive reviews from the customers.

Look at the peanut butter coming out from inside that burger.
Yeah, I know you want this burger now.
The fries were awesome, as usual. They were fresh out of the fryer, a must-have for a great French fry. The fries were firm, with and a little crunch on the outside. The inside of the fry: soft and awesome. Again, they were a bit salty, but that's better than soggy fries with no taste. But on to the main event: the PBPB burger. The verdict?


The best part about the peanut butter sauce: they use chunky peanut butter. The peanut chunks in the burger gave the burger a dimension that I wanted so much. The sauce is a bit sweet, perhaps there's a bit of honey or something in there to sweeten the sauce up. I really liked that as well. The pickles and the grilled onions in the burger gave a nice crunch and tartness to offset some of the peanut sauce's sweetness. The beef patty and the bacon gave this burger the salty, savory aspect I craved. The bun was firm enough to stand up to all this; I thought the ratio of meat to bun was spot-on.

Finally, I added some of Killer Burger's house sauce to the mix (again, I asked for it in a container on the side). The sauce was also delicious because it has a smoky flavor. So when you put that on this burger, you add one more dimension of flavor.

Basically, I got an excellent burger, and I now know why people rave about it.

The peanut sauce can harden over time, but in a good way. Even if cold (as I found out hours later eating leftovers), the peanut butter still will adhere to the burger well.

I like that you also have the option to customize your own burger. Customer service is very important to me, and to serve fresh customized burgers and fries to order ranks high in my book.

The place is a bit cramped and it may get a bit tough to find parking during peak lunch hours. I came to Killer Burger at about 1:30, and while there were maybe 4-5 patrons in the restaurant, I parked on the street about a block away because there were still no parking spaces behind Killer Burger (in their defense, Killer Burger shares a small parking lot with other establishments).

But seriously, please carry milk and antacids in your establishment. People like me will still attempt that Marine burger, and they may have somehow forgotten to bring their own milk or Tums to the dance. I'm sorry, popsicles do NOT help.

But Killer Burger, well done. While I won't be trying that "Marine" burger ever again, I'll be back for another PBPB burger or perhaps that "Epic" burger (see the photo above for what's on that one). Or maybe I'll customize my own burger and make my own epic pulled pork sandwich. Now that would indeed be awesome.


  1. Is this a salem place?

  2. Killer Burger is in Portland, on NE Sandy Blvd. I highly recommend the PBPB burger. I don't think it's been given official "signature" burger status yet, but it should be.

  3. They are all over in Washington and Oregon