Friday, May 13, 2011

Stepping Stone Cafe

(UPDATE: I have eaten a stack of mancakes now. Check for the full video below!)
(NOTE: Be sure to read part 2 of my odyssey, posted October 2011, and part 3, posted May 2012!)

My first review of this blog takes me to Portland, Oregon. Stepping Stone Cafe was featured on the first season of "Man v. Food." The eatery is widely known for its "mancakes," massive pancakes which are over a foot in diameter. If  you can eat a stack (THREE) of these massive pancakes, you will get your picture on their "Wall of Shame."

Here are some of the pictures I have from my past visits. Please note that the photos are only of one mancake, not a stack of three.

Buttermilk mancake (yes, this is just one)
Pumpkin mancake (served seasonally around Halloween)
I'll be honest, I ordered one (to split with a friend of mine) because there's really no way I could personally down three of these in one sitting. However, you never know; if I'm really craving pancakes, I might think about it.

UPDATE: I guess I'll have to retract the above statement, because here's a video of me eating the stack of mancakes in April 2012! Slightly less than a year after my original post!

I usually get omelets here, and they are quite delicious. Sorry, I have no pictures of those at this time. Overall, I am a fan of this place and would highly consider returning.

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