Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Court Street Dairy Lunch

Court Street Dairy Lunch, located on Court Street in downtown Salem, Oregon, serves traditional American breakfast and lunch comfort food.

Court Street Dairy Lunch is pretty much a diner-feel. You can sit at the counter and even watch the ladies make your milkshakes for you right there.

I had been wanting to try this place for a few days, and one particular item on the menu that intrigued me was their oven-roasted turkey sandwich, with lettuce and cranberry sauce inside. I got a half sandwich with a cup of chili (the server said the chili was quite good).

At first glance of the food, I saw sloppy presentation and mushy bread (due to the cranberry sauce). Not a good start. The cooks in the back should have toasted the bread. It's a shame. While the menu clearly gave me a choice of whether I wanted my bread toasted. I personally was hoping the server would reinforce such an option when she took my order.

The sandwich was a letdown. Not only was the bread very mushy, the cranberry sauce was getting lost in the shuffle of the sandwich. I tasted turkey, but it looked and tasted processed to me.

The chili was heated well, looked good, and had a sufficient amount of beans and meat in there. Unfortunately, the chili lacked flavor. I would have liked a bit more salt and pepper in the chili, and perhaps a bit more heat would have worked for me too. The bill was $5.30, which is not too bad. However, I could have prepared a better meal than the one I ate at Court Street Dairy Lunch.

I also saw their ice cream was basically store-bought, in a large multi-gallon container. Yeah folks, they also sell a scoop of store-bought vanilla ice cream for $1.75! Really, now?!

When I went to pay for my food, one woman was making a milkshake and basically ignored me for a good two minutes. I had the tab and cash on the counter in plain view, so any worker would have known I was ready to pay for my food. At least acknowledge me and say that you will be with me in a little bit.

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