Monday, May 30, 2011

Maty's Peruvian Food

Maty's Peruvian Food sells...Peruvian food, of course! I found them at the Farmer's Market in Salem.

They have a few choices on their menu at the Farmer's Market. I went for their empanada ($5), which has chicken, hard-boiled eggs, Peruvian red peppers (not spicy), Peruvian black olives, and spices stuffed inside yucca dough and lightly fried to golden brown. It's then topped with a mildly spicy yellow pepper sauce.

I thought the empanada was pretty good. Although the lady in the booth gave me an empanada that had been sitting in a container for at least several minutes, the chicken, peppers, spices, and olives gave this treat a lot of good flavor. The yellow pepper sauce had a little bit of kick, but not spicy at all. I thought the yellow pepper sauce reminded me a little bit of the Coleman's hot mustard that you can get in a supermarket -- but without that spice going up your nose for an aftereffect.

There are some criticisms to note. The empanada was a tad greasy and the presentation sloppy. I also would have preferred to have empanadas made fresh to order. I honestly don't mind waiting the extra few minutes for something that should be fresh and hot, just out of the fryer.

Overall, still a good empanada in my book, and I would consider returning for their other meals. 5.5/10

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