Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ribslayer To Go (Part 2)

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As promised, I returned to Ribslayer To Go on May 11, 2011, to sample some of their regular menu items. I took a friend to Ribslayer. He had recently celebrated a birthday, and he wanted to attempt the Flaming MOFO challenge. As one of his birthday gifts, I offered to drive us to Ribslayer and I paid for his meal.

I saw their specials and just HAD to get a burnt end sandwich. Burnt ends are absolutely phenomenal, flavorful parts of the brisket. When prepared properly, it's just heaven on Earth.

Burnt end sandwich...that's one huge sandwich huh?

Just their house BBQ sauce on top (I had already devoured the slaw)
The burnt end sandwich was incredible. The meat was so flavorful and, when I combined that meat with the BBQ sauce and cole slaw, I felt like I died and went to Heaven. If I could ever make BBQ food (any type) part of my last meal in a few decades, I would do so in a heartbeat.

I also ordered some Thai peanut slaw -- something you don't usually find in a BBQ joint. I thought the flavors were top-notch. Having real peanuts in the slaw gave the slaw an extra dimension in texture and flavor.

I asked Craig, one of the owners, for a side of Flaming MOFO sauce -- and proceeded to put it in the peanut slaw and the burnt end sandwich. My friend -- struggling with his Flaming MOFO challenge -- thought I was insane. I still finished the food.

Craig then gave me a side of their jalapeno slaw. Again, delicious. I was expecting more heat than what I tasted, but then again, after finishing the MOFO sauce, jalapenos would have been extremely mild to my taste buds anyway. I still got the hint of jalapeno flavors...success!

As for my friend's attempt on the Flaming MOFO? Not much of a dent, folks. He basically still had most of the sandwich left to go. He did take it home later -- although I have no clue if he even bothered to finish it. He was hurting pretty good from that challenge.

As a final test for Ribslayer, I ordered a Two-Meat Combo (chicken and ribs) with a side of collared greens and more Flaming MOFO sauce.

Even though I did not eat the chicken and the ribs right away, the ribs still had that fall-off-the-bone goodness. The chicken was just as wonderful. Both meats had that authentic smoky flavor that you can only get from low-and-slow cooking in a smoker. Can't fake that. The collard greens were also delicious. I swear I should have been born in the South. I know if I ate the chicken and ribs fresh from the smoker (so it's temperature hot or very warm), I would give Ribslayer a higher rating.

Ribslayer, congratulations. I am a huge fan of your food. It may be about 30 minutes from where I live, but the trip is worth it. And that Flaming MOFO sauce gets you extra points. Sure, I wish you were open on Sundays and Mondays as well, but I'll let it slide because BBQ is all about low, slow cooking. And the owners should have at least a little break from cooking all that BBQ anyway, right?

I honestly challenge the owners at Ribslayer to make an even hotter sauce. Make your own form of "Shut Up Juice" (a Man v. Food reference -- see the Little Rock, Arkansas, episode). I will be one of the first in line to try it!

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