Monday, December 26, 2011

All Kine Ice Cream Truck

(UPDATE MARCH 2012: All Kine Ice Cream is now under new ownership!)

All Kine Ice Cream Truck, headed by Andrew Slaughter, is a dessert food truck roaming Honolulu, Hawaii. Be sure to check their Twitter page for the latest updates on where they are. Usual menu items include freshly made ice cream on cones, as ice cream sandwiches, or prepared as sundaes.

Setting up for Eat the Street

November Eat The Street menu
I saw All Kine at November's Eat the Street event. I just had to try Drew's White Chocolate Bread Pudding ($5).

White Chocolate Bread Pudding
(All Kine Ice Cream Truck)
Holy bleepity crap. Even after eating my weight in food, this was an incredible dessert that I couldn't stop eating. It's one of those dishes that will make you feel like you're sitting in a comfy chair at home near a fireplace -- instead of outside battling the wind and rain. It was decadent and sweet, but not causing any sugar overload. The bread pudding was extremely warm (how's that for freshness?), and trust me, I didn't mind burning my mouth about a dozen times.

Each bite seemed to melt in my mouth, and my mouth kept send these subliminal messages..."Gimme more, Aaron, more!" (yeah, that's what she said)

I should have added a scoop of ice cream for $3 more. That would have sent any dessert lover straight to an automatic food coma (and my stomach would have gone on strike from noshing overload). Check out the All Kine Ice Cream Truck. Dessert should be eaten any time of the day...not just at night! 9.25/10

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