Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Four Caterers Lunchwagon

Four Caterers Lunchwagon may be found in Honolulu, Hawaii. I just happened to find them on a random "Taco'ako Tuesday" in Kakaako.

Spotted at Taco'ako Tuesdays!
Menu on 11/29/11
I ordered a mini Miso Chicken w/Teriyaki Glaze plate ($6), with two scoops of white rice and tossed salad (Italian dressing on the side). I opened the plate lunch container to find two bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs lightly coated with the miso and the teriyaki glaze.

Mini Miso Chicken w/Teriyaki Glaze
(Four Caterers Lunchwagon)
I thought the chicken was cooked fairly well, staying relatively moist. The sauce was the star here, a savory-sweet concoction that brightened the dish, making for a lovely presentation. The salad was fine, although I'm unsure if the dressing was homemade (I'm presuming no because generally places will tout if something is homemade, and that was not the case here).

A pleasant first experience. They are basically a nondescript white lunchwagon, but use the pictures above to find them and check them out for yourself! if anything, they may be at Taco'ako Tuesdays! 7/10

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