Saturday, December 24, 2011

Simply Ono

Simply Ono is a food truck roaming Honolulu, Hawaii. With two possible locations on the University of Hawaii-Manoa campus (green lunch wagon), plus one more location in Salt Lake (white lunch wagon), Simply Ono offers an impressive menu. They post their weekly menu in advance, allowing potential customers to see if a favorite (or interesting) menu item pops up.

Menu at November's Eat The Street
Seeing them at Eat The Street, I got the Spicy Ahi Bowl ($5): a creamy blend of ahi tuna and onions over a bed of warm white rice. I shared it with my parents and a friend who came with me to this event.

Spicy Ahi Bowl (Simply Ono)
The freshness of the ahi was undeniable, and the sliced onions provided a slight bite. However, all four of us felt the dish was overly creamy (losing the beautiful light to dark magenta color of raw tuna), lacking spice (yeah, I detected zero heat), and too warm overall. Yes, everyone, fish in this manner is best served cold/refrigerated. The rice here likely played affected the temperature of the ahi. The protein here could have been seasoned a tad more as well.

At least I heard rave reviews about Simply Ono's warm bread pudding with creamy vanilla sauce ($3). Also, Simply Ono had a baked macaroni and cheese dish at Eat The Street (with pancetta, fire-roasted red peppers, edamame, and mascarpone cheese).

I'll think of giving Simply Ono another try in the future, but based on the spicy ahi alone, it was probably one of my poorer choices made at Eat The Street. 4/10 (mainly to give some weight to the positive reviews about the bread pudding)

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