Friday, December 16, 2011

The People's Pig

(UPDATE September 2012: The People's Pig has REOPENED near Euro Trash at SW 10th and Washington!)

(UPDATE 5/23/12: After about two and a half years in business, The People's Pig has closed. Cliff will open a new venture in the near future!)

The People's Pig is located at the corner of SW 9th and Alder in downtown Portland, Oregon. As one would expect, it's all about the pork here! Cliff heads this food cart, which has been in downtown Portland since October 2010 (and two years in business overall).

Right on the corner of SW 9th and Alder!

Menu (mid-November 2011)

On a chilly Tuesday, I ordered the Porchetta ($8): roasted pork shoulder with Tuscan fennel pollen, topped with arugula and lemon juice on a Fleur de Lis Artisan ciabatta roll.

Porchetta (People's Pig)
The pork was incredibly juicy and tender; even the fat had broken down enough to provide extra porky flavor to this one. But oh man. The crispy skin. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. The part of the pork that causes foodgasms around the world. Awesome! The bite of the arugula and the citrusy lemon worked very well here, balancing the heaviness of the pork and adding a refreshing touch to this sandwich. I actually would have liked a bit more flavor on the porchetta itself, perhaps a bit more salt or some herbs.

The bread was OK. Nice crunch on the outside and a chewy inside. However, I believe a fluffier, lighter bread (still with a crunchy outside, of course) would improve the experience when biting into the sandwich.

The People's Pig also sells doughnuts and offers different specials on a regular basis! Hey, this is probably not the cart for people on a diet anyway, so make this a cheat meal or something!

Overall, a very nice porchetta sandwich here! Hit up The People's Pig for a "porktastic" experience! 7.75/10

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