Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Momo Burger

Momo Burger, founded in 2011 by Colin Sato and Lindsey Fujimoto, is a lunchwagon specializing in burgers and fries. While their location may vary (check their Twitter page for updates), I saw them at Taco'ako Tuesdays at the corner of Ilalo and Cooke St.

Momo Burger also made its Eat the Street debut on December 16 (on Ala Moana Blvd.). It's the one time I envy people living in Hawaii. So many food trucks in one area. December had 38 trucks/vendors. Sure, I could hit downtown Portland whenever I felt like it, but still...good grief man. It's like being hungry and tied to a tree, while seeing other people happily noshing on amazing grub. Torture!

Taco'ako Tuesdays!

Menu at Taco'ako Tuesdays on 11/29/11
I ordered the Kimchi Burger ($7): a 1/4-pound, 100% grass-fed beef patty cooked to order, topped with Kochujang aioli (Korean-influenced), kimchi slaw, kalbi glaze, and toasted sesame seeds on a freshly baked potato bun. Yup, they make their own buns! Where's the "+1" button when you need it?

Kimchi Burger (Momo Burger)
I liked the creaminess of the aioli with the crunchy, fresh kimchi slaw. The minor dab of spice in those toppings awoke my taste buds from their usual slumber. The kalbi glaze contributed a bit of sweetness. I didn't catch much sesame seed in this one. While the beef was cooked OK, I would have preferred it more on the pink side (cooked maybe around medium-rare to medium); this patty was near well-done status (yet still relatively juicy).

The bun was very good. Light yet firm, but wisely tossed on the flattop grill (after a light oiling) for that extra toasty dimension! Great job those grilled buns! I'm sure I tampered with the bun's appearance when cutting the burger for the cross-section (so I could take the ever-sexy cross-section burger photo), oops.

Colin does a homemade Asian 1000 Island-style sauce dubbed "Momo sauce." A welcome addition to each burger, especially if homemade!

Get a burger from Momo Burger today! And while I'm not much of a fries person, if you love the spuds, get their Spiced Sweet Potato Fries ($4) or their Garlic Fries ($3) while you're at it! 7.75/10

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