Friday, December 2, 2011

Schmidt's Sausage Haus

Schmidt's Sausage Haus is a family-run German restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. It was also featured on the Travel Channel's "Man v. Food" during the show's first season. Five generations of Schmidts have run this place!

Live music!

At Schmidt's, I had to go with the Autobahn Buffet ($14), where I could basically sample (and eat) as much sausage and side dishes as I wanted. From their signature Bahama Mama sausage to German potato salad, Schmidt's offers an array of dishes to try!

Two of my favorites from the Autobahn Buffet!
On this plate, we have some Sausage Stew, Yams & Apples, Bahama Mama,
Meatloaf, Red Cabbage, and Sauerkraut
Here, we have some green beans, more sausage, mac and cheese,
mashed potatoes, and German Potato Salad
My personal favorite would have to be the sausage stew. It was rich, hearty, and full of flavor. Pairing that with the light, sweet apple-and-yam dish gave that blissful yin-yang treatment. All the sausages were wonderful, but the Bahama Mama was my clear favorite (the Knockwurst was second). Just the right balance of seasonings here. The natural  casing on each sausage provided a good snap. To me, the sauerkraut and the red cabbage are the two sides that best complement the sausage. The mac and cheese was cheesy and gooey, although it really lacked that gourmet pizzazz (wouldn't have expected that from a German buffet anyway, though). I also really liked the German potato salad. The zing from that vinegar and the saltiness of the bacon nearly made me do a happy dance at the bar counter.

Finally, I couldn't leave without trying one of Schmidt's signature steroidal cream puffs...half-pound monstrosities!

Yes, this is ONE cream puff from Schmidt's

The cream was a bit on the rich side (not the lightest I've had), but perfect in taste because it wasn't overly sweet. Some guy playfully wanted me to take it down in three bites or less. Maybe if I could inhale and digest food like a python, I'd have seriously tried to do it.

Schmidt's is an amazing place for German food and great desserts. You won't be leaving here hungry! 8.75/10

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