Sunday, December 25, 2011

Le Crepe Cafe

Le Crepe Cafe has two brick-and-mortar restaurants: one on East Manoa Road and the other on Fort Street Mall (both in Honolulu, Hawaii). They also have a food stand for several public events like Eat The Street, dishing out savory and sweet Parisian-style crepes!

Setting up at November's Eat The Street

Menu at November's Eat The Street
I ordered the Moulin Rouge ($7): a savory crepe with mozzarella, sweet basil, tomatoes, and turkey slices.

Crepe being prepared!
Adding the colorful fillings to the crepe
"Moulin Rouge" (Le Crepe Cafe)
Tried to get somewhat of a cross-section shot in there
The crepe was beautifully made, paper-thin with a light golden brown on the outside. My parents and my friend didn't necessarily care for the crepe...they mentioned they wanted something crispy instead -- but um, then that's not a crepe, guys (slaps head).

On the other hand, I thought the crepe was decent. Cutting into the crepe was a thing of beauty, seeing the white (mozzarella), ted (tomato), and green (basil) was so pleasing to the eye. This was really a margherita-type crepe with turkey in it. For $7, I would have liked a bit more filling, though. I think it just needs something more (maybe some form of seasoning or sauce, perhaps?) to just take it to the next level and make it more memorable. Just can't quite put my finger on it....

I'm not sure how old the Fort Street menu is, but it said the Moulin Rouge was $5.99 there. Why I'm paying $7 for it at Eat The Street, I have no clue. A good crepe, but I'm still questioning myself if it was worth it to get. I like sweet stuff, but preferably a real good savory choice would take priority for me. 6/10

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