Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tiki Truck

Tiki Truck is a gyro and taco food truck roaming various areas of Honolulu, Hawaii. Chef/owner Abe Jazmin, who wanted to bring a twist to the California-style taco and gyro to the 808, runs Tiki (actually an acronym for "Taco Inspired Killer Ingredients").

At Taco'ako Tuesdays!

Regular menu...with some specials on the bottom right-hand side
(December 2011)
Meats for the gyros and tacos include chicken adobo, pulehu steak, and Thai curry grilled pork. Spotting Tiki at Taco'ako Tuesdays, I ordered one of Abe's signature gyros, the Twisted Gyro ($6): lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cilantro, and choice of meat (I got the chicken adobo). Abe topped this gyro with his house-made "crack sauce," his version of tzatziki (but not having the cool yogurt and dill-like qualities). Abe also added some sriracha to the gyro, basically making me all giddy to eat the damn thing.

Wrapping of the Twisted Gyro
Twisted Gyro (Tiki Truck)
I loved the creamy crack sauce. It has a sweet tone to it, as opposed to a cooling tzatziki sauce. Sriracha = win...enough said there, right? The pita was perfectly grilled on the flattop, pliable, yet firm, with a golden-brown outside. That pita encased fresh, vibrant vegetables. Abe added a bit of sweetness to the flavorful, juicy chicken, balancing any vinegar used in traditional adobo.

Abe will offer specials at Tiki Truck, such as a gyro and a taco for $8, or three tacos for about $7. Check out Tiki Truck ASAP and try that Twisted Gyro! 8.25/10

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