Friday, December 23, 2011

Korean Fresh Grill

Korean Fresh Grill is a food vendor located in Honolulu, Hawaii. Like many other food vendors, they can be found at several farmers' markets and Eat The Street events. In late November, I found Korean Fresh Grill at a craft fair at Ka'elepulu Elementary School (Kailua, HI).

Pretty tasty-looking menu....
I got the Cilantro-Lime Rice ($9): choice of meat (I picked BBQ chicken) served on a bed of cilantro-lime rice, with Korean slaw, hot sauce, kimchi cream sauce, onions, and cilantro.

Cilantro-Lime Rice w/chicken
(Korean Fresh Grill)
Now we're talkin'!
Closeup of the super duper hot sauce....
The juicy, tender BBQ chicken had rich flavor, satisfying the carnivore in me. I would have liked a little more meat in my portion, especially since it was a bed of rice as advertised. Regardless, the cilantro-lime rice is the featured item here, and the bite of the cilantro came through front and center. The lime had a more subtle representation here, but still somewhat noticeable. The rice is not sticky, which I feel keeps the flavors from completely uniting. The cabbage/bok choy was cooked well, basically stir-fry style. The hot sauce added that lovely hint of spice on the back end of each bite. Interestingly, the kimchi cream sauce had that tangy bite (perhaps involving ranch dressing) to act as a cooling agent against the hot sauce.

Korean Fresh Grill also offers a "super duper hot sauce" for people that like it spicier (yes, that includes me). The sauce has a smoky pureed salsa flavor, with a little added heat at the end. I'm personally unsure if anything Korean is in there (gochujang, maybe?).

Overall, this dish was a hit! Check out Korean Fresh Grill and give their food a try! 7.5/10

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