Sunday, December 25, 2011

New Facebook Page!

I hope everyone out there had an awesome Christmas (and sure, Hanukkah as well)! If you or your friends have Facebook, I have set up a page there for people to "Like." You'll be able to engage in more real-time interactions with me that way -- so it doesn't just seem like some robot is getting up at some insane hour in the morning to post reviews and pictures. Yup, there's actually a human being behind all this food adventure madness!

On my FB page, you may also suggest new places for me to eat (preferably a food cart, but any place with food probably works). If I happened to give a place a below-average score, let me know what I should try next time! If you're not living in Oregon, "like" my page anyway and tell me what I should try if I visit your neck of the woods!

Once again, Happy Holidays to all!

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