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KavaBoy is a family business located in Kailua, Hawaii. Established in 1999, KavaBoy uses the white kava root (Hinehina) grown in Tonga. It is then shipped to Hawaii, where it is made into a drink enjoyed by many Polynesians. Kavaboy's kava contains no additives or preservatives, and packed with kavalactone.

KavaBoy also has a shop located in Waikiki's International Marketplace (Kuhio Avenue). For the true kava lovers, they offer kits to make your own kava at home!

Having never tried kava before, I thought..."sure, what the hell, let's do this."

At November's Eat the Street
"Kakimochi Kava Crunch"...not bad, actually
Kava Oreo Cream Cheese Pops, Kava Cornbread, Kava Chili
Menu at November's Eat the Street
I first tried the traditional kava. I won't lie, it tasted like dirt (quite literally); it's one of those acquired tastes that I apparently didn't obtain. So of course, I got the flavored kava...a 16 oz. beverage for $5. One of the owners said the white chocolate was the most popular flavoring, so I went with that.

White Chocolate Flavored Kava (KavaBoy)

The white chocolate made the kava a lot more palatable. Side effects of kava drinking may include slight numbing of the lips and tongue, calmness, and clear thinking (actually, it's true, look it up online). I didn't really get any numbing or calmness until I had downed about 8 ounces of kava. No addiction for me, but I'm glad I tried this drink -- even if just for the experience.

I was also intrigued by their menu offerings like kava chili and kava brownies. The sample of kava mochi crunch was quite interesting; the kava qualities masked the usual saltiness that mochi crunch possesses.

I looked around, and I saw a few people enjoying their kava. There were two guys behind me, one saying to the other to get that traditional kava. So hey, it really must be a hit with some people.

Overall, kava is likely an acquired taste, and I apparently don't fall into that group. But that means more for the people that do enjoy it. 2.5/10

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