Friday, December 16, 2011

Word of Mouth Bistro (Part 3)

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I live in an area where I have to get lucky and park on the street...and if I can't find any, I gotta kill time. Today was one of those "can't find parking" days. Grr. But the light bulb went off. I hadn't been Word of Mouth in ages, so I zoomed down to get my breakfast fix.

Word of Mouth (12/16/11...early morning)
Note the Christmas lights around the windows!
It was barely 7 in the morning, and WOM already had a number of customers seated and eating. I saw the special for 12/16/11...sausage, spinach, and feta scramble. It's $8.95 on the board, but any breakfast special sold before 8 a.m. is actually $4.95. Sold! I got mine with some whole wheat toast (two thick slices) and a cup of fresh fruit.

12/16/11 breakfast special (and it's $4.95 before 8 a.m.)
Sausage, Spinach, and Feta Scramble
(Word of Mouth Bistro)

Mmm...thick whole wheat toast...
I really should come down for the $4.95 breakfasts more often. The pork sausage and the salty feta liven the scramble up, while the refreshing spinach and tomato nestled amongst the scrambled eggs provide amazing color. Yup, thick slices of toast with a lovely homemade strawberry jam are awesome...gotta carb up for workouts!

I used to be a big-time regular here before the food cart craze (including out-of-state travel) the last six months pulled me out of Salem a lot. Still, I was pretty impressed that several of the servers remembered me. Over-the-top friendly service as always.

Food never stood a chance

After-dinner mints (or I guess after-breakfast mints)
The one thing people will likely complain about at Word of Mouth is any long wait times to get seated. Perhaps it's because I tend to go alone and/or at a non-peak meal hour, but I rarely have had to wait for a table. I've eaten a lot (especially in the last year), and this is by far one of my favorite places to eat. Check them out or give 'em another try.

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