Friday, December 23, 2011


Onopops is a food vendor in Honolulu, Hawaii, selling various flavored homemade popsicle treats. Only local and organic resources are used in creating "innovative and creative flavor combinations that pay homage to both the Mexican paleta and the Hawaiian regional cuisine." Onopops exclusively shows up at farmers' markets and Eat The Street events in Hawaii. Onopops can also be found in various supermarkets in Hawaii.

Menu (late November 2011)

Seeing them at the KCC Farmers' Market on a Saturday, I was impressed with the number of flavors I could choose from. I decided on something non-dairy-based, going with the watermelon-hibiscus combination. Each onopop is $3.

Watermelon Hibiscus (Onopops)
It was probably just the flavor I picked, but I got virtually zero flavor in the onopop. I was at least hoping for a little more watermelon hint or hibiscus essence, but all I really tasted was water. The color was an aggressive-looking dark maroon, which ultimately ended up being more of a tease than anything else.

Again, I give credit for the unique flavors, but at least on this occasion, it did not feel like $3 was too well-spent. That'll be a mental note for next time...perhaps I should try one of the dairy-based flavors. 4/10

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