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Wafu (translates to "Japanese style") is a Japanese restaurant located on SE Division St. in Portland, Oregon. While this place is known for its ramen, Chef Trent Pierce also offers scrumptious appetizers, beers, and sake, incorporating Asian influence throughout.

Menu (mid-November 2011)
I was here for a Yelp Elite event on November 19, 2011. An eye-pleasing turnout for this event, likely around 90-100 people. Lively music filled this inviting restaurant. I got to mingle with great people, all of us sharing a love of food. Big thanks to Wafu and Yelp for putting on this (free) event!

First up, some edamame, coated with garlic, sichuan salt, and togarashi (chili pepper). A lovely appetizer here. The spices awakened the palate and blended well with the edamame.

Edamame (Wafu)
Next up, some fried rice with diced carrots, green onions, some shrimp, and shiitake mushrooms (among other ingredients). A few of us believed it was oyster sauce that provided the rich, deep flavor. Again, just spot-on seasoning. I found the rice a bit overcooked and slightly gummy for my liking. I prefer my rice like my pasta, more of an "al dente" nature.

Fried rice (Wafu)
Yeah, I just used the same plate for the fried rice
For the final course, some eggplant, topped with bonito flakes and perhaps some type of miso flavoring. Another thumbs up from me. The robust, salty miso really brought that "umami" aura here.

Eggplant (Wafu)

And what would an event be without alcohol? Sake, beer, and even rum were on hand!

Thimble-sized cups to sample rum!

This is sake...not water
I had an incredible time, and I'll be sure to try the ramen on my next visit. In the meantime, this was a fine introduction to Chef Trent Pierce's creations. Head to Wafu for a flavor-filled and lively experience! 7.75/10

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