Thursday, December 15, 2011

f/stop Fitzgerald's Public House

f/stop Fitzgerald's is "Salem's Smallest Pub," located at the corner of Liberty St. NE and Grove St. NE in Salem, Oregon. Kirk Kindle opened f/stop in 2009. The place seats 24 people (plus more outside, should the weather cooperate), and they serve local beers and wines.

Forgive me, it's nighttime and I had to resort to my camera phone

Beer selection (11/11/11)

I stopped by on a Friday evening a bit before 6 p.m. (so yes, it was dark outside). I had heard about this place from a couple friends, so I figured...why not?

I decided to sample a couple of the local beers. The "Apple Cider" from 2 Towns Ciderworks was enjoyable, with great color, not too strong. My personal favorite was the "Tangerine" from Lost Coast Brewing. The tangerine essence was evident in the aroma and the taste, very refreshing.

This was a rare alcoholic treat for me, and I recommend this place for the beers. The place is indeed small, and I felt a bit uncomfortable and claustrophobic at times. But that's just me...others there were having a good time. And you can play various games (chess, Trivial Pursuit, etc.) while there! It's a nice place to go with a couple of buddies. Beer selection is good as well, but it's all local. Don't expect to find the real well-known domestics or imports. 7/10

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