Monday, December 26, 2011


Bobalicious is a local lunch wagon that may be found at local events like Eat the Street. Their main items include waffle dogs and bubble drinks.

At November's Eat the Street!
November Eat The Street menu
I ordered a waffle dog ($3): a hot dog inside a semi-sweet waffle batter. While it also came in a Philly Cheesesteak variety (didn't see it on a menu or anything), the original was fine with me. The salty, savory dog worked well with that waffle batter. I honestly didn't think it needs any condiments, but if I had to have one, I'd go with good ol' maple syrup. It's something about savory and sweet that creates such peaceful noshing moments.

One side of the waffle dog...
...and the other side
My friend ripped it in half to show the "cross section" of this bad boy
My friend and I were taking some photos waiting for that waffle dog when one of the cart owners presented us with a free bubble drink, a Li Hing Pineapple bubble drink (usually $4). Real generous there, he really didn't have to do that.

Li Hing Pineapple bubble drink (Bobalicious)
An explosion of pineapple flavor, and the li hing mui (think a salty dried plum flavor) livened the drink even further. A classic use of li hing mui in Hawaii (pairing with fruit). This was my first bubble drink ever (yeah, I must have lived under a rock all this time). The chewy tapioca balls at the bottom of the drink were a bit strange at first (and were hard to suck into that larger straw). However, I enjoyed it overall!

Check out Bobalicious at their next event! 7.75/10

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