Friday, December 30, 2011

Kilani Bakery

Kilani Bakery is a family-owned bakery located on Kilani Avenue in Wahiawa, Hawaii.

Since they are famous for their brownies, I got three of them (55 cents each). Each brownie (I'd guess about half an inch in width and a few inches long) also gets dusted with some powdered sugar.

Brownies on the display shelf
Brownies were wrapped up in a plastic bag
Brownies (Kilani Bakery)

A very light brownie, with the chocolate taking center stage. The powdered sugar gives a nice color contrast, but doesn't make this confection overly sweet. I liked the nuts in the brownie...more texture contrasts!

In some respects, I thought the brownie was, well...maybe too light. If the brownies were a bit richer, they would actually come close to satisfying my appetite without having me scarf down about a dozen of these. But hey, people love them, so don't change it, right? Check out Kilani Bakery and get some brownies ASAP! 7.5/10

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