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(UPDATE 11/23/13: Rockabillies may have closed. This cart is now home to a new Brazilian food cart)

Rockabillies is a sandwich food cart located at the Good Food Here pod in Portland, Oregon. This cart debuted in summer 2010 in downtown Portland, took some time off, then reopened under new ownership in August 2011 at Good Food Here to sling up more sandwiches and burgers! At least from what I've gathered, the menu has stayed the same.

Rockabillies during the day...
...and at night
Menu (mid-November 2011)
The most popular menu items are noted with a star!

I ordered one of their most popular menu items, the "Hillbillie Pulled Pork" sandwich ($6): their succulent pulled pork sandwich topped with BBQ sauce and tangy cole slaw on a pub bun.

The "Hillbillie Pulled Pork" sandwich (Rockabillies)
The BBQ sauce was delicious: a rich, sweet, and tangy sauce that complemented the the juicy, tender pulled pork. The creamy cole slaw, which could have possibly been too creamy for me if left on its own, brought everything together. And as a nice bonus, I got a perfectly grilled bun! It's the little things such as a toasting or grilling the bun on a sandwich that can really elevate the dish to that next echelon. This was one of the best pulled pork sandwiches I've had. Perhaps the only thing I needed here would be some form of spicy source, whether it'd be sliced chiles (no, not the wimpy jalapenos...let's go higher on the Scoville scale) or a spicy sauce.

Rockabillies sells all sandwiches for $6, a killer deal! Another best-selling item (noted by a star on their menu) is their Cuban sandwich (seasoned pork, ham, yellow mustard, pickles, and provolone cheese). For the lover of sweet and savory, the Elvis (peanut butter, banana, and bacon) may be your road to nirvana.

It seems like you can't go wrong here. Rock on, Rockabillies! 8.5/10

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