Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oregon Ice Works (Part 2)

(NOTE: Oregon Ice Works has closed for business. They were located at the now-closed D-Street Noshery pod.)

(Original Review -- July 2011)

Oregon Ice Works is unofficially "Oregon Soup Works" during the winter months, so I returned in mid-November 2011 to see if the soup lived up to the hype.

Now near the front of D-Street Noshery, right by Pie Spot!
Kevin Bell, the cart owner, also started serving meatball subs around this time. A word of caution: Kevin only prepares a very limited number of those sandwiches. I passed by the cart around 2:30 p.m. and he still had meatball subs left. By 5 p.m., he was sold out. Basically, one should try to get there before dinner for that sandwich!

Since my last visit in summer 2011, Kevin's cart moved from the back left corner of D-Street Noshery to the front of the pod, near Pie Spot (another cart I highly recommend).

Menu (mid-November 2011)
Anyway, I ordered Kevin's tomato soup ($5): a generous portion of hearty tomato soup (includes basil, tarragon, oregano, and white wine), topped with melted provolone cheese,croutons, and green onions.

Tomato soup (Oregon Ice Works)
Now THIS is an excellent soup. I praised Savor Soup House for their amazing tomato soup in another review, and Kevin's version is right up there with it. The robust tomato-y flavor here is unlike any tomato soup I've encountered. Combining the tomato soup with the softened croutons and melted provolone on top was magic in a container. If I didn't have this (impossible) quest to try as many food carts as possible, I'd attempt to get my behind to Kevin's cart every week, bang on the window, and demand some tomato soup. No, I won't be a creep and track down where he lives. But damn, that soup rules.

Yes, Kevin still sells his Oregon Ice. But I think the winter months call for soup, and the tomato soup here is a true winner. Kevin should have other soups rotating each week, so check out his cart ASAP! 8.75/10

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