Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tamura's Market

Tamura's Market has several locations in Hawaii, but for the purposes of this post, I will focus on the Wahiawa branch. Inside the building, one can go to Tamura's Kitchen to get some breakfast bentos and plate lunches.

Tamura's Market in Wahiawa
Their Poke Bowl options
Other stuff on their menu

I went with the Poke Bowl #4 ($6.99): a bed of rice, furikake, spicy tuna, and a sweet-savory glaze drizzled on top. The meal was constructed to order.

Poke Bowl #4 (Tamura's Market)
A satisfying, delicious poke bowl featuring fresh fish. The spicy tuna was not overly creamy ( a good thing), but, like with many other locations, I found the spice hard to detect. Less mayo should do the trick, probably. The sweet-savory dark glaze contrasted well and made this dish stand out from other spicy tuna bowls I've had.

I also sampled Tamura's fish patty ($1.25) and spam musubi ($1.59). The patty was juicy and seasoned well. In the end, it's really just a ground tuna patty cooked all the way through. Simple, yet tasty.

Fish patty and spam musubi (Tamura's Market)
That's a pretty thick spam musubi...
Tamura's has a spam musubi with thick layers of rice, making the darned thing look like it got hit by gamma rays. I liked that bit of sweetness (some form of teriyaki sauce?) in the middle of the musubi, contrasting nicely with the salty spam.

Pretty good stuff for a reasonable price. That poke bowl was killer good, and I'd come back just for that. But there are at least five other poke bowl choices as well...decisions, decisions. 8/10

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