Sunday, December 18, 2011

Serendipity Espresso

Serendipity Espresso is located at the Cartlandia food pod in Portland, Oregon. This cart opened on July 16, 2011, selling various espressos, blended beverages, coffees, teas, and other drinks. Oatmeal (using Umpqua Oats) and fresh fruit are also available on the menu.

Oats to make oatmeal!
Menu (mid-November 2011)
Special of the day on 11/19/11
I ordered a sugar-free nonfat vanilla latte here. Looking at the menu, I expected to pay $3.05, but was only charged $2.65. Not that I'm complaining or anything....

I also received a few chocolate-covered coffee beans to enjoy with my drink. Coffee and chocolate, a great combination indeed!

Chocolate-covered coffee beans!

Sugar-Free, Nonfat Vanilla Latte (Serendipity Espresso)
A nice latte here. The espresso really shone through, balanced out with the sweetness of the milk and the vanilla. I thought the drink was slightly lukewarm, a bit more temperature-hot would have been ideal. Regardless, a satisfactory experience overall! I like that this cart has sugar-free and nonfat options for the more health-conscious foodie.

While the cart owners were not there on my visit, I received great service from their fill-in, a young woman. Serendipity Espresso is a great food cart to get your caffeine fix! 7.25/10

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