Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Graeter's is an ice cream scoop shop with several locations throughout Ohio and Kentucky. Founded in 1870 by Louis C. Graeter, this family-run business still uses the same recipes and techniques over 140 years later. Someone from the Ohio State University law fair mentioned that I should go to the original location on Reading Road in Cincinnati, Ohio. Good enough for me!

I saw a multitude of baked goods, candies, pies, and ice creams upon entering Graeter's. I came for Graeter's signature chip ice cream flavors, most notably their Black Raspberry Chip ice cream.

But before all that, I sampled a couple of other flavors.

I started with their Pumpkin ice cream. This seasonal fall flavor uses real pumpkin pie filling, and I can see myself enjoying this one even when it's chilly or rainy outside.

Next up, the Chocolate Chip ice cream. Premium vanilla meets chunks of dark chocolate chip here. A very nice ratio of chocolate chips to ice cream. A classic combination that showcases why Graeter's chip flavors are their signature items.

Bring on the Black Raspberry Chip ice cream! It's officially Graeter's signature flavor and all-time bestseller. I got it in a sugar cone for $2.50.

Ice cream menu!

Black Raspberry Chip ice cream (Graeter's)

Incredible ice cream here. Just a creamy, fresh, ideal consistency -- not too hard and not too soft. Black raspberries from Oregon (yes, Oregon!) are triple-washed and incorporated in with dark chocolate chips. The chocolate chip chunks provide a wonderful texture contrast, and the chocolate is a lovely complement to the fruity raspberry ice cream.

The ice cream started melting several minutes after I tried taking pictures. So yes, it did get a little messy, but hey, it was still fantastic stuff!

And even if you're not in Ohio or Kentucky to go to one of their scoop shops, Graeter's ice cream can also be found nationwide! Just look in a local Fred Meyer for the ice cream! if you haven't had Graeter's before, be sure to try that Black Raspberry Chip ice cream! 8.5/10

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