Saturday, December 24, 2011

Shogunai Tacos

Shogunai Tacos is a taco truck roaming Honolulu, Hawaii. Headed by owner Matt Duffy and chef Kamal Jemmari, Shogunai promises to "offer the freshest and newest flavors to this Island paradise." Matt has lived in Japan and traveled around the world, while Kamal (originally from Morocco) also brings some Spanish culinary experience to the team.

At November's "Eat the Street"

Menu (late November 2011)
Having spotted them at Eat The Street in late November, I ordered one of their signature items, the Osaka Jo taco ($6.50): pork marinated in ginger, shoyu (soy sauce), garlic, and lemon, special Nihon sauce, sprouts, and furikake, served in a warm flour tortilla.

"Osaka Jo" (Shogunai Tacos)

The pork was very juicy, carrying such uplifting savory qualities from the marinade. The fresh sprouts added a crunchy element to the taco. Furikake, a Japanese condiment normally served over rice, is a unique taco topping, and  that really worked here to bring an extra "umami" aspect. The Nihon sauce resembled a BBQ sauce, but it did its job to bring all the flavors together! The tortilla felt a bit rigid here, but still held all the filling inside. A success overall!

Other menu items include "Zeus's Glory" (a Greek taco), the "Seoul Food" (Korean), and "South of the Border" (Mexican). Check out Shogunai Tacos and try the food for yourself! 8/10

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